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Portal Usage Instructions


You are welcome to staff instructions corner of using this portal. Kindly follow the processes below to register successfully as required.

Please, be informed that all your online transactions and actions on this portal is tracked and logged for security reasons. Be careful and take precautions before embarking on any actions on the portal.

  1. Click on Portal Register menu link. It is recommended that all staff use uniform username format during Staff Portal Registration. For instance, the format adopted is to combine your FIRST NAME & SURNAME and separate them with a dot, e.g. okechukwu.nwankwo
  2. After successful portal registration, subsequently login to the portal by clicking Sign-In menu link. On the Admin/Staff Login section of the sign in page, enter your USERNAME (e.g. okechukwu.nwankwo) and PASSWORD you chose during staff portal registration.
  3. Menu link functionalities are made available for you after successful login but your access rights and permission would depend on what is accessible by you on the portal.
  4. To view your User Profile and change your PASSWORD, then click on User Details menu link
  5. Click Sign-Out menu link to logout of the system which very essential at all time to avoid unauthorized intruders into your student portal dashboard.

Happy Surfing!!!